BluffaJo Cosmetics brings make-up range to West Africa


The US make-up brand BluffaJo Cosmetics enters the West African market for the first time.  It will be in Ghana on 26th and 27th February 2016.  President and Founder of BluffaJo Cosmetics, Maisie Dunbar, said: “I am from West Africa (Liberia); therefore my strategy for that part of the continent is to build a solid makeup and skincare business by getting the influencers in Ghana to become loyal to that brand.”  No other claim!  Discover all the products on their website: bronzers, BB creams, foundations, eye shadows, lipsticks and extreme lipstick.  Extreme lipstick contains extreme pigments for intense color, long lasting and full coverage of the lips.

By the way: do you kwow what is a BufflaJo?  A BluffaJo is a sensuous, sophisticated, and cosmopolitan individual who makes a conscientious effort to look his/her best from head to toe.  Although originally a West African term from the local vernacular of Liberia used to describe one who embraces inward and outward beauty, the Bluffajo spirit transcends culture and gender.

See more at BluffaJo website.