Discover Amani Spa Kigali and its exclusive Rasul.

rasul radisson blu kigali

Once again, a great news from Kigali for all the wellness lovers! Carlson Rezidor has opened a Radisson Blu hotel in Kigali (Rwanda) that features a spa operated by Amani. As an exclusivity: a Rasul Signature Treatment.   It seems that Central Africa acquires its pedigree in the spa world industry!

Hospitality industry and luxury spa: the winning combination.

« This new opening in Rwanda further strengthens our position in East-Africa and on the African continent,” said Andrew McLachlan, senior vice president of the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group. “Africa is our biggest growth market and Radisson Blu is Europe’s largest upper upscale brand.  The opening in Kigali solidifies the brand’s pole position and supports our long-term growth strategy in Africa. »

The adjacent Radisson Blu hotel buildings equally impress with their thoughtful and emblematic design: surrounded by multi-colored bands they hint at ancient Rwandan baskets. While the convention center and the hotel’s location in close proximity to government institutions is ideal for business, the Radisson Blu hotel Kigali is also the perfect base for leisure travellers to explore Rwanda’s incredible biodiversity, wildlife and natural beauty. After all it’s not for nothing that the country is often referred to as ‘The Land of a Thousand Hills’. Plus, it’s one of the few places in the world where tourists can track the famous mountain gorillas!  And after a long day out, go to the spa and relax !

Amani: the African Spa.

Radisson Blu has opted for the South African spa brand Amani.  The name Amani means ‘peace and harmony’ in Swahili, and the spa aims to create a sense of inner peace, to help people reconnect with themselves and to improve their quality of life.  Their 360° philosophy of beauty, health and wellness embraces physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Amani’s vision is to create unique African spa with the enchanting ambience and spirit of Africa reflected in the treatments and in the natural elements and textures of the décor.  Since 2006, they are specialised in luxury spas in exclusive lodges and hotels.

The spa includes one double and two single treatment rooms, as well as male and female saunas and steam rooms.   Exclusivity: you will find in the spa an exotic mosaic tiled rasul.  The hotel also includes a fitness centre equipped with high-tech cardiovascular and weight-training facilities.

Exclusive Signature Treatment: The Rasul Steam Cocoon. 

The Rasul Steam Cocoon is an Arabian-inspired treatment using therapeutic mud to cocoon the body.  This ancient Arabic cleansing ritual uses mineral-rich mud, heat and steam.  The treatment takes place in an exotic mosaic tiled rasul where the heat of the steam activates absorption of minerals.  It helps in eliminating toxins, conditions and tones the skin and relaxes the muscles.

Do not confuse Rasul and Hammam!

Hammams and Rasuls are both kinds of tiled steam room.

Rasuls are usually private chambers used for mud treatments.  You coat yourself in different kinds of mud, and then go into the Rasul to steam in it.  Slathered in mineral-rich muds, you sit in a tiled steam room for around 15 minutes. Afterwards you are either douched by a therapist or else shower yourself down in cool water.  It’s a great treatment for priming your body for a massage which will then be more effective, as the therapist can get deep into the warmed muscle more easily.

Note that spelled « rassoul, rhassoul or ghassoul”, we talk about the brown volcanic mud, not the room!

A hammam can be either one tiled herbal steam room with diffusion of essential oils (eucalyptus, peppermint or pine) or a suite of steam rooms and pools for communal use, each offering different waters and benefits. Your visit may include a rigorous soap-wash and scrub, and a short massage with essential oils.


Image d’inspiration – Rasul  © Landmark Oriental Spa Hong Kong


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