The 5 most romantic & amazing couples massages.

Vilaz Masaz by Spa Attitude

(c) Villa Masaz Spa Attitude Mauritius

Here are 5  -not only romantic but totally amazing!-  spa experiences to share with your lover, in Africa.  The following treatments are specially designed for couples in the most idyllic places. Happy Valentine’s day !

Couple massage on a private Island, with sea views (Mauritius)

Vilaz Masaz by Spa Attitude in an eco-friendly Spa with its own herb garden.  Its beauty rituals are based on genuine natural elements of Mauritius: its soil, its sea, its sun and its plants…  The  4 signature care: Earth Attitude to recharge one’s batteries; Sea Attitude, a purifying care; Sun Attitude, a stimulating care and Flora Attitude to relax.

Escape from reality for the time of a massage on a private island, still wild.  After a short pirogue trip you will reach the island where you will be welcomed by therapists, lulled by the noise of nature, in a rustic chic hideaway nestled between the trees and volcanic rocks.

Romantic evening under the stars (Maldives)

A bespoke journey for romantic couples in the Kurumba Spa.  Just beyond the sunset, a beautiful setting and memorable moments await you and your loving partner.  This pure moment of relaxation begins with a golden cowry shell massage using warm Maldivian coconut oil to gently warm and relax your body.  Finishing with a divine head massage to complete your journey.  Champagne and chocolate dipped fruits will be served to compliment your journey together whilst enjoying the stars on our own lazy bag on the beach.

Healthy evening in a Palace of Arabian Nights (Morocco)

The extroardinary hotel and spa La Mamounia is situated in Marrakech.  The spa proposes a surprising and healthy couples arrangement.  One hour personal training session with a coach in the Spa Fitness Center, followed by a jacuzzi session and then by a relaxing massage in a duo cabin in the private Spa. Then, a fruit cocktail, full on vitamins …ready for an energetic evening!

Valentine’s Escape in the vineyards (South Africa)

Join Delaire Graff Spa, situated in front of the Vinyards and Mount Stellenbosch for the ultimate in luxury & relaxation with a breath-taking couple’s spa experience.  Start your relaxation experience with a glass of Delaire Graff Sunrise MCC on the spa deck overlooking the Stellenbosch valley. Then melt away in pure indulgence with a tranquil full body massage customised to your individual needs and desires.  Followed by a back and foot exfoliation, this full body treatment will leave you relaxed with a gorgeous glow to the skin. Choose your aromatherapy massage oil with an aroma test and expert consultation with their highly qualified therapists.  To end off this luxury experience, each guest may choose a candle or bath & shower oil from Aromatherapy Associates as a take-home gift to continue the experience at home together.

Tribal experience in the Kruger Park (South Africa). 

After an adventurous day in the African wilderness, observing  the « Big Five » (leopard, lion, buffalo, rhino, and elephant ), relax at the Earth Lodges Amani Spa.  Adjacent to the southwestern section of South Africa’s Kruger National Park, the Earth Lodge offers exceptional wildlife encounters from one of the most environmentally sensitive lodges in Africa.  Discover a little African magic in their uniquely designed Pango cave and experience a ritual with therapeutic, thermal and local body mud, which leaves you feeling cleansed, renewed and relaxed.  Then, experience the Jewel of Africa Massage, and the restorative and energising quality of the crystals, warm oils and flowing movements, which work together to rapidly reduce muscle tension in the body. This deluxe treatment balances your energies, releases emotional stress and leaves you with a feeling of complete relaxation and wellbeing.