Mutinta Milunga – trained to reach Excellence.


Mutinta milunga

As a national trainer for a cosmetic brand, I do know that the high level quality of your training is one of the most important components to success your business.

As I told you in the post “how to become a great spa manager?”, I currently take part in the international spa management program with Raison d’Etre.  So, naturally, I asked the training center who was the best participant they had ever had, coming from Africa.  And they talked to me about Mutinta Milunga.  Let’s discover her way to Excellence.


Throughout life training in Africa and « overseas ». 

Coming from Zambia, Mutinta Milunga had a first diploma in Information Systems and Programming at the National Institute for Public Administration.

But far from I.T., she gave a turning point to her career by getting certificates in Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Terminologies, Swedish Massage, Hydrotherapy, Herbs, Nutrition and  Disease Cause & Cure.  She became a Massage Therapist at Healing hands physiotherapy clinic and at Taj Pamodzi Hotel in Lusaka.

Moving to Kenya, she went back to school to get both a diploma in Business Conduct and certificates in Basic Facial and Hot stone Massage.  There, she was Massage Therapist Intern at Mara West Camp and, later, Independent Massage Therapist & Pilates trainer in Nairobi.  To reinforce her skills, she further went ahead to get two diplomas in Anatomy & Physiology and Complimentary therapies and in Pilates Teaching respectively from ITEC,UK.

Last destination on her way to excellence: Zanzibar!  She became Spa Therapist and Pilates Trainer at the Diamond Star of the East (SLH) & Diamonds La Gemma Dell E’st.  And finally, since 2014, she is the proud Manager of the spa.  Spa which is nothing less than the Best Spa of the Year 2015 for Tanzania and Zanzibar!

In parallel with her full time job, she took part  in the online spa management program with Raison d’Etre (Sweden). “The spa management program was an eye opener, a life changer.  Please allow me to say my thanks for the knowledge I acquired on the spa.   It has made me not only a better therapist but a better colleague.”


Projects and Dreams: a vision for Africa and for African people.

As a spa manager of an African spa my project is to incorporate our rich African traditions of healing into each and every service that is offered from the moment the guest steps into our spa until they leave. Using 100% African organic products sourced and made in Africa. To offer a true all rounded African experience in everything from the welcome to the farewell.

My dream is to see an Africa that does not think wellness and massage therapy is a luxury for the rich and able an Africa that understands the power of the healing touch as understood by our ancestors.

My dream is to see an Africa that respects the wellness industry and does not think that it’s a field for people who couldn’t make it to dental school or any other seemingly prestigious field.

My dream is that African people understand what and know how wellness is a vital part our lives and how it starts in our homes. People that cherish and work towards being balanced in mind, body and spirit.


BONUS: African Massage: the Ukuchina.

We’ve talked a lot about African massages in our latest posts.  Mutinta Milunga introduces to us another magic one, coming from her natal Zambia: the Ukuchina Massage.

The Ukuchina Massage is a popular local treatment that involves a manual massage followed by firm but gentle pressing  of hot towels soaked in hot water with eucalyptus on problematic areas to help relieve tension.  It’s ideal for stress, tension, depression and post natal recovery.