Wellness : Kigali introduces walk-to-work days

kigali walk to work healty

Rwanda’s capital Kigali was nicknamed ‘Little Europe’ by Europeans and Asians for its ambitious plans and neatness.  And Kigali city has scored another first: the city has announced a regular car free days. According to the city mayor, particular streets will be closed off for car use to allow people walk to work.

 No cars on streets. 

Last Sunday was the second car free day in Kigali. Residents had fun using roller, skates, skating boards and bicycles to get around the city.

Rwanda is renowned for community initiative called umunsi w’omuganda. On the day, all able-bodied people between 18 and 65 are required to participate in the clean-up exercise in their communities.

The car free days are aimed at “encouraging mass sports and exercise along the affected route through introducing the much anticipated green transport and green city,” according to City Mayor Monique Mukaruliza.

Be fit, be healthy

“In a bid to promote healthy lifestyle for the residents of Kigali, the City authorities have introduced mass sports and exercises, to encourage people to walk, jog as well as ride bicycles. It is in this context that we have introduced a yearly  (and now monthly) car-free day” he says.  « We realized that there had of diseases, hypertension, diabetes, that increase in the level of statistics, those who live in Kigali. And with the practice of physical activity , we can fight against these NCDs.  »

In tents erected for the occasion, dozens of Rwandans are invited to test their blood sugar free or have their blood pressure . This car-free morning session will now renew every first Sunday of the month.


Orignial post by Watchdog Report