Find the truth inside of you (3/4)

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If you get used to looking outwards for your wellbeing, you can lose touch with your internal wisdom and innate balance. In the aliveness of the present, you can find freedom from your limited perspectives and discover a new side of yourself.

“The Whole Truth”: a 10 days retreat to change your life.

Those 10 days connect you with the heart wisdom and bring you beyond judgment and into forgiveness of self and others.   Raw food and cleansing juice fast will supercharge your physical body to support release and regeneration on every level and which allows a deeper, clearer connection to your spirit.  Your will experience meditation, yoga, creative processes and time spent in nature.   If you want to change your life, a daily group practice supports your creative processes with.

On the final day you will reflect on learning and prepare to move back into your life. Strategies for carrying your teachings back into your life are given, as well as a system for the reintroduction of foods and daily activities with awareness.

 An amazing holistic program!

 Nutrition : A pre-cleanse program will be sent to you in advance of the retreat. Implemented properly over two weeks, this offers a gentle transition to live foods, reducing the detox symptoms that may be experienced during the course of the retreat and enabling a deeper cleanse.

  • 4 days of exquisite raw food meals
  • Cleanse yourself with a six day juice fast
  • Herbal medicinal treatments and unlimited tea
  • Cooking classes


Soul and spirit : to build awareness and sensitivity

  • Daily yoga classes
  • Daily Breath work and guided meditation sessions.
  • Contemplation.  It helps you identifying and transforming limiting beliefs, and practice mindfulness meditation for inside freedom.
  • Silence: you move into three days of silence!

The senior instructor is Tasha Saha, a certified yoga instructor, alternative health practitioner, art teacher, and the founder of certified organic skincare brand, Mioja. Dedicated to natural living and holistic health she has spent more than a decade helping people back to their natural state of balance.



  • Herbal detoxifying foot bath with grounding roots and herbs.
  • Herbal steam inhalation
  • Floral waters are provided for a high energy splash bath to release old trauma held in the body.
  • spa: massage, reflexology, bio-energy balance, reiki, Thai massage, organic facial …



  • Sound journeys (vibration and traditional songs)
  • Art workshops: Intuitive art engages your subconscious, conscious and superconscious mind in order to access your intuition and higher understanding.


Mouvement :

  • Dance
  • Guided nature walks
  • Health club, swimming pool



  • Horse riding (optional)
  • Whales watching (optional)


Bodhi Khaya Retreat Centre

This retreat will take place at the Bohdi Khaya Retreat center located near the town of Stanford, in the Western Cape of South Africa. The center is situated on the Baviaans Fonteyn farm, the oldest one in the area.  Today Bodhi Khaya is an open and welcoming spiritual home for all. The centers mission is to promote the conservation of the natural and cultural diversity of the Capes floral kingdom. The area is home to more types of indigenous plants than any similar sized area. Approximately 70% of its 9,000 plant species are found nowhere else on Earth.

Bohdi Khaya has accommodations to suit every need. Around the central courtyard there are a range of rooms that are comfortable, modern and peaceful. For those who enjoy a touch of history, the original farmhouse, steeped in atmosphere and old-world charm, has beautiful rooms where you can curl up with a good book beside a cozy fire.


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