Cure détox et perte de poids (4/4)

cure detox weight loss

Dernière étape dans notre découverte des séjours bien-être en Afrique du Sud: une retraite de 7 jours conçue pour détoxifier complètement l’organisme, booster votre moral et recharger d’énergie votre corps.  En une semaine,  non seulement vous serez en meilleure santé, plus heureux , plus léger , mais vous aurez les connaissances nécessaires pour vous mettre sur la bonne voie pour un nouveau mode de vie sain dynamique.

Détox et perte de poids.

Chaque jour, votre menu sera composé de jus de fruits bios fraîchement pressés à base de super-aliments, du lait d’amande, de tisanes, de bouillons et de soupes riches en vitamines et en minéraux.  Tous ces breuvages sont « Pressés à froid » afin de conserver un maximum de nutriments essentiels qui vont booster l’organisme et augmenter son immunité naturelle.

Le nettoyage du colon se fait naturellement grâce à un mélange à boire à jeun de Psyllium et d’argile bentonite. 

Des workshops et des projections  sur la nutrition et l’importance d’une alimentation saine font aussi partie de ce séjour afin de (re)prendre de bonnes habitudes alimentaires et de libérer le corps de toutes ses toxines.

Approche holistique.

C’est votre être, dans toute ses dimensions, qui sera accompagné vers un mieux-être durant cette semaine.  Les activités quotidiennes promettent d’améliorer votre bien-être de manière globale :  cours de yoga le matin avec Annie Wyatt, professeur de de yoga indien traditionnel (ashtanga, atha).   Ces cours sont adapté aussi bien aux débutants qu’aux praticiens avancés.  Le programme comprend aussi de la méditation quotidienne, des massages shiatsu et des exercices physiques doux : marche dans les montagnes environnantes, natation et cours de pilates pour renforcer votre changement physique et maintenir le corps jeune, souple et tonique.

Un lieu hors du temps.

C’est dans une propriété agricole privée située dans un écrin de verdure dans la région du Cap (Afrique du Sud), entourée de fleurs sauvages et d’oiseaux que vous séjournerez.  Un endroit de calme absolu offrant une vue spectaculaire sur le bassin de Tulbagh, bordé sur trois côtés par les montagnes. Toutes les chambres y sont cosy et permettent un sommeil paisible et réparateur, qui contribue aussi à votre sensation de bien-être.

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Find the truth inside of you (3/4)

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If you get used to looking outwards for your wellbeing, you can lose touch with your internal wisdom and innate balance. In the aliveness of the present, you can find freedom from your limited perspectives and discover a new side of yourself.

“The Whole Truth”: a 10 days retreat to change your life.

Those 10 days connect you with the heart wisdom and bring you beyond judgment and into forgiveness of self and others.   Raw food and cleansing juice fast will supercharge your physical body to support release and regeneration on every level and which allows a deeper, clearer connection to your spirit.  Your will experience meditation, yoga, creative processes and time spent in nature.   If you want to change your life, a daily group practice supports your creative processes with.

On the final day you will reflect on learning and prepare to move back into your life. Strategies for carrying your teachings back into your life are given, as well as a system for the reintroduction of foods and daily activities with awareness.

 An amazing holistic program!

 Nutrition : A pre-cleanse program will be sent to you in advance of the retreat. Implemented properly over two weeks, this offers a gentle transition to live foods, reducing the detox symptoms that may be experienced during the course of the retreat and enabling a deeper cleanse.

  • 4 days of exquisite raw food meals
  • Cleanse yourself with a six day juice fast
  • Herbal medicinal treatments and unlimited tea
  • Cooking classes


Soul and spirit : to build awareness and sensitivity

  • Daily yoga classes
  • Daily Breath work and guided meditation sessions.
  • Contemplation.  It helps you identifying and transforming limiting beliefs, and practice mindfulness meditation for inside freedom.
  • Silence: you move into three days of silence!

The senior instructor is Tasha Saha, a certified yoga instructor, alternative health practitioner, art teacher, and the founder of certified organic skincare brand, Mioja. Dedicated to natural living and holistic health she has spent more than a decade helping people back to their natural state of balance.



  • Herbal detoxifying foot bath with grounding roots and herbs.
  • Herbal steam inhalation
  • Floral waters are provided for a high energy splash bath to release old trauma held in the body.
  • spa: massage, reflexology, bio-energy balance, reiki, Thai massage, organic facial …



  • Sound journeys (vibration and traditional songs)
  • Art workshops: Intuitive art engages your subconscious, conscious and superconscious mind in order to access your intuition and higher understanding.


Mouvement :

  • Dance
  • Guided nature walks
  • Health club, swimming pool



  • Horse riding (optional)
  • Whales watching (optional)


Bodhi Khaya Retreat Centre

This retreat will take place at the Bohdi Khaya Retreat center located near the town of Stanford, in the Western Cape of South Africa. The center is situated on the Baviaans Fonteyn farm, the oldest one in the area.  Today Bodhi Khaya is an open and welcoming spiritual home for all. The centers mission is to promote the conservation of the natural and cultural diversity of the Capes floral kingdom. The area is home to more types of indigenous plants than any similar sized area. Approximately 70% of its 9,000 plant species are found nowhere else on Earth.

Bohdi Khaya has accommodations to suit every need. Around the central courtyard there are a range of rooms that are comfortable, modern and peaceful. For those who enjoy a touch of history, the original farmhouse, steeped in atmosphere and old-world charm, has beautiful rooms where you can curl up with a good book beside a cozy fire.


Follow the link if you want to find the truth inside of you.


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Experience the Spirit of the Mountains! (2/4)

wellness holiday south africa

For those who want to spend time in the mountains, away from the distractions of city life, this adventure offers you every opportunity to explore the wonders of the Cape mountains. Each day will offer a different walk in the mountains, accompanied by an experienced wellness guide. Comfortable hotel lodgings and informative wellness talks will further compliment your experience, ensuring your stay is both constructive and relaxing.

Walking and discovering.

Each day, you will walk for hours up and down the mountains with its amazing panoramic: Cederberg, Stadsaal, Maltese Cross (an imposing column of rock which has eroded over thousands of years to take on the appearance of a giant Maltese cross shape), Wolfberg Arch and the Wolfberg Cracks, Table Mountain National Park, the cliffs of the south western tip of Africa …

During this trip, you also will discover all the natural and cultural treasure nearby: Bushman rock art, visit the highest wine farm in South Africa for a wine tasting at the Dwarsrivier wine farm, bird watching…

Talking and meditation.

Very interesting thing for those who want to combine walking and thinking: the afternoon talk, with various themes such as, Mental Health and the Environment (how our surroundings influence wellbeing), The Social Animal (an analysis of Leadership and Purpose) or Stress Management.

Moments are also provided for “Solitude experience”. Each person will move off to find a quiet place for some silent “me time” in the wilderness.

African Wellness Travel.

This Cape based travel company has specialising in wellness travel experiences aimed at promoting optimal mental, physical and spiritual health. Their tours are designed to let you relax, de-stress, find healing and have fun. Their team has had many years of experience in providing a professional service, with the knowledge to back it up. Facilitators who lead some of the tours are trained in their relevant field of expertise, including mental health, coaching, nature, culture and fitness.

Mountain Magic Tour from 640$.   For more info, don’t hesitate to contact

Wellness holidays in South Africa (1/4)


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We have become more aware of the importance of staying fit and healthy and our holidays reflect this trend” says Paul Joseph, co-founder of Health and Fitness Travel (UK).   Wellness holiday industry increases in popularity.   It offers healthy holidays for those who would like to improve or maintain their health today and in their later life.  Wellness travel is a holistic travel for the purpose of promoting well being through physical, psychological or spiritual activities.

Morocco and South Africa: hot spots wellness holiday destinations.

In comparison with the rest of the world, Africa still offers little wellness destinations.  Though, Sub-Saharan Africa  has the world’s fastest-growing market for wellness tourism, and North Africa (and the Middle East) the second fastest, according to a Stanford Research Institute report for Global Wellness Institute.  

The two African hot spots are Morocco and South Africa, two destinations in the antipodes of the continent but which both have a long culture of spa and tourism (including medical tourism).  Many spa resorts will no longer be positioned as fitness amenities but lifestyle choices offering vegan and gluten-free healthy meal options. The wellness travel industry and consumer needs have evolved from pampered indulgence to personalised, functional health and fitness.

The following series of articles untitled  » wellness holidays in South Africa » will give you some examples of wellness holiday packages: Spirit of the Mountain, Whole Truth retreat, Detox and yoga retreat.

Babyboomers and 30+ workaholic men and women.

The health and fitness travel trend is being fuelled by aging baby boomers wanting to hold on to their looks and prolong their lifestyle (well-aging). Travelling for prevention and improving health is why wellness holidays have grown in recent years.

But those kind of holidays are not only for babyboomers.  Mostly, they are booked by 30+ men and women who lead busy lives and are successful business people. They work hard but have little time to focus on their health and fitness, so seek a holiday to rejuvenate and get back in shape.  These people see these types of holidays as a necessary part of their lives and invest in their health and well-being.  A high proportion of our clients are single travellers and those kind of holidays are perfect for travelling on your own.

Whilst women generally enjoy relaxing on the beach, a Pilates or meditation class, followed by pampering in the spa, men prefer to embrace and enjoy the sport and fitness facilities available, be it the 18 hole golf course, the scuba centre or the chance to learn a new fitness skill in Kickboxing.