Wellness holidays in South Africa (1/4)


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We have become more aware of the importance of staying fit and healthy and our holidays reflect this trend” says Paul Joseph, co-founder of Health and Fitness Travel (UK).   Wellness holiday industry increases in popularity.   It offers healthy holidays for those who would like to improve or maintain their health today and in their later life.  Wellness travel is a holistic travel for the purpose of promoting well being through physical, psychological or spiritual activities.

Morocco and South Africa: hot spots wellness holiday destinations.

In comparison with the rest of the world, Africa still offers little wellness destinations.  Though, Sub-Saharan Africa  has the world’s fastest-growing market for wellness tourism, and North Africa (and the Middle East) the second fastest, according to a Stanford Research Institute report for Global Wellness Institute.  

The two African hot spots are Morocco and South Africa, two destinations in the antipodes of the continent but which both have a long culture of spa and tourism (including medical tourism).  Many spa resorts will no longer be positioned as fitness amenities but lifestyle choices offering vegan and gluten-free healthy meal options. The wellness travel industry and consumer needs have evolved from pampered indulgence to personalised, functional health and fitness.

The following series of articles untitled  » wellness holidays in South Africa » will give you some examples of wellness holiday packages: Spirit of the Mountain, Whole Truth retreat, Detox and yoga retreat.

Babyboomers and 30+ workaholic men and women.

The health and fitness travel trend is being fuelled by aging baby boomers wanting to hold on to their looks and prolong their lifestyle (well-aging). Travelling for prevention and improving health is why wellness holidays have grown in recent years.

But those kind of holidays are not only for babyboomers.  Mostly, they are booked by 30+ men and women who lead busy lives and are successful business people. They work hard but have little time to focus on their health and fitness, so seek a holiday to rejuvenate and get back in shape.  These people see these types of holidays as a necessary part of their lives and invest in their health and well-being.  A high proportion of our clients are single travellers and those kind of holidays are perfect for travelling on your own.

Whilst women generally enjoy relaxing on the beach, a Pilates or meditation class, followed by pampering in the spa, men prefer to embrace and enjoy the sport and fitness facilities available, be it the 18 hole golf course, the scuba centre or the chance to learn a new fitness skill in Kickboxing.


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